Siyathola Carpentry and Construction Services (Pty) Ltd is in existence to provide our clients with quality products and services, peace of mind, customisable products to beautify your projects and make sure you get ROI (Return on your investment). 

Siyathola has been in existence since 2005 whilst Mr. Henrique Ricardo Hutton was employed by other companies, and decided in 2013 to get directly involved in the business.            

Mr Henrique Ricardo Hutton is the sole owner/Director and Shareholder and works side by side with his Teams on site as he has over 30 years of Carpentry and Construction experience obtained from companies that he worked for previously. 


 Siyathola's team is experienced, efficient, and always professional ! 

you can be sure you will receive professional, quality products and services, with excellent attention to detail, clear, accurate quotes and very trustworthy  staff.